Piles of Books

People and Organization Development


The Human-Centered Organization

How organizations can succeed sustainably by focusing on people and data

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People Analytics and Business Culture at Agoda

Case A and B (co-author; case subject), Kenneth Goh and Ken Mark: Ivey Publishing (9B17C024, 9B17C025), Ivey Business School (2017)

Ivey Best Seller Award

Toward a New HR Philosophy

McKinsey Quarterly, 2015

Performance Appraisals with More Gain, Less Pain

Harvard Management Communication Letter

Increasing Innovation and Productivity in Singapore: The Role of Diversity and Inclusion

Editor, Point-of-View Paper, Government and Regional Affairs Committee, American Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (2019)

Learning and Development


The Art of Learning

Peter Allen interviews chess champion Josh Waitzkin at Google.

The Future of Computer Science Learning

By Mehran Sahami, Associate Chair of undergraduate computer science at Stanford University

Emotional Intelligence

Peter Allen introduces Daniel Goleman in the Authors@Google series

The Sharing Economy


At Home around the World: The Short-Term Rentals Handbook for Guests, Hosts, Neighbors, and Governments

Co-authored with Robert Rosenstein, Co-founder and Chairman,

Available at

Making Local Host Rentals Work for All

Business Korea, March 29, 2019.

Business Strategy


Online Travel Agencies in Asia: A Major Opportunity in E-Services

(Co-author), RCEP Publications, Asian Trade Centre, Singapore (2017) and Policy Brief 17-10 (in English, Mandarin, Korean)



The Wages of Sin: Sex and Disease, Past and Present

On the cultural pre-history of the AIDS crisis.

University of Chicago Press

The Art of Love: Amatory Fiction from Ovid to the Romance of the Rose

University of Pennsylvania Press



Memoir of my experiences driving for New York attorney Roy Cohn and the connections with Tony Kushner's TONY-winning play Angels in America.

Books, Endings, Beginnings.

Beginnings and endings - life and literature are full of both. In this piece from the Modern Elder Academy's Wisdom Well blog, I reflect on the path to here, and the journey ahead.

Finding Values in a Time of Transition

In the darkness, when external landmarks disappear and the path forward is unclear or simply invisible, moving forward requires an inner sense of direction. When external factors are gone, inner values become more and more important; they are the compass points that help set one’s direction and find one’s way.