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I am a strategic business leader with deep roots in both business and academia.


Working through relationships, ideas, communication, leadership, and teaching, I build departments, turn ideas into reality, and help people and organizations develop and grow.


Educated at the University of Chicago and Wharton, I've worked in leadership roles at McKinsey; Google; the Priceline-Booking Holdings online travel group; APL Group, an international investing firm; and Aegis Ventures, a health tech venture studio.

I also write, teach, and advise individuals and organizations about learning and growth.


I can help your organization develop strategic, practical, and innovative solutions to people-based business problems so that you can grow fast and well.

Executive Coaching

Learning and growing are as important for individual executives as they are for organizations. I can help you expand your horizons, develop as you transition between roles, work through difficult situations, and navigate skilfully through relationships with your team.

Boards and Community Service

Throughout my career, I have been involved in community service organizations and served on both non-profit and for-profit organization boards.


My teaching experience spans a variety of disciplines, from business to global affairs to the humanities, from undergraduates to executive M.B.A. students.


My writing has appeared in publications ranging from the McKinsey Quarterly to the University of Chicago Press to Business Korea and Knowledge@Wharton.

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