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I am a strategic business leader with deep roots in both business and academia.


Working through relationships, ideas, communication, leadership, and teaching, I build departments, turn ideas into reality, and help people and organizations develop and grow.


Educated at the University of Chicago and Wharton, I've worked in leadership roles at McKinsey; Google; the Priceline-Booking Holdings online travel group; APL Group, an international investing firm; and Aegis Ventures, a health tech venture studio.

I also write, teach, and advise individuals and organizations about learning and growth.


Executive Coaching

​Learning and growing are as important for individual executives as they are for organizations. I can help you expand your horizons, develop as you transition between roles, work through difficult situations, and navigate skilfully through relationships with your team.

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HR Strategy

I can help your organization develop strategic, practical, and innovative solutions to people-based business problems so that you can grow fast, profitably, and well. I also have extensive experience in inclusion, equity, and diversity, especially with regard to working across cultures and working with LGBTQ issues.

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Boards & Nonprofits

Throughout my career, I have been involved in community service organizations and served on both non-profit and for-profit organization boards.

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My teaching experience spans a variety of disciplines, from business to global affairs to the humanities, from undergraduates to executive M.B.A. students.

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My writing has appeared in publications ranging from the McKinsey Quarterly to the University of Chicago Press to MIT Sloan Management Review and Knowledge@Wharton.

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