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Modern Structure


Real Estate and Travel

  • Multi-week course in business strategy, innovation, real estate, e-commerce

  • Based on the book I co-wrote with Robert Rosenstein, Agoda’s co-founder and chairman, At Home around the World: The Short-Term Rentals Handbook for Guests, Hosts, Neighbors, and Governments and lectures I have given at ESSEC Singapore and elsewhere

  • Topic: The sharing economy and short-term rentals have emerged as an innovative e-commerce area over the past decade. They generate substantial business and diversify profit and ownership, but they also conflict with norms (and, often, laws) about property ownership taxation, and travel. The course explores the evolution of the sharing economy, legal and tax matters, and how emerging business models challenge both established businesses and governmental norms. 
    Readings include our book, journal and media articles, case studies

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