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"Everyone needs a coach. It doesn't matter whether you're a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player. We all need people who give us feedback. That's how we improve."  - Bill Gates 

Learning and growing are as important for individual executives as it is for organizations; indeed, the two go hand in hand. As an experienced business leader and certified executive coach, I can help you expand your horizons, develop as you transition between roles, work through difficult situations, and navigate skilfully through relationships at the office, with managers, peers, and your team.


Do you find yourself expending energy on one or more of these situations but not able to make as much progress as you want?


  • Have you started a new role, or you are  working at a new organization, and you are not always confident about how to meet expectations - or even what the expectations are?

  • Are you thinking about making a job or career change, but unsure about exactly what you want and what’s really right for you?

  • Are interpersonal dynamics at work feeling confusing or frustrating, or are you having difficulty finding the right balance between your own priorities and values and what others want from you?

  • Do you feel isolated in your senior role and find it difficult to know what and whom to trust?

  • Do you need help leading and addressing change?

  • Are you wrestling with how to get the best out of diverse teams, or how to work effectively across cultures?

  • Could you use some help addressing issues of sex and gender identity and orientation in the workplace?


If so, executive coaching may be a good choice for you. As your coach, I can help you find your own answers and reach your goals - confidentially and pragmatically.

In addition to my education and extensive experience in learning and development, experience with internal coaching with various firms, and experience in all aspects of HR at leading companies, I am a graduate of the Hudson Institute of Coaching and am a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation. I coach business people at all levels, but I focus primarily on senior leaders.

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Tim A,
Santa Barbara, CA

I worked with Peter when I was managing the stresses of a C-level leadership role at a high-growth startup while welcoming our first child. Peter was a trusted sounding board for the changes I was noticing in myself and in my priorities. Stepping back for guided introspection with him was incredibly helpful. Peter helped me find the best path forward for myself and my family.

Richard L.
New York

I engaged Peter Allen for a 6-week engagement to help me discover my next step. I was, and still am, the Managing Partner of the NYC office of a global accounting firm.  After the 6 weeks, with Peter as a contributing factor, I was able to commence a journey that would create greater work life balance,  which included more connectivity in all my personal and business relationships, stronger bonds with my team, happier clients, a growing and thriving practice, and greater and more authentic self-expression in my current space.

New York

I've worked as a secondary school teacher for many years. After Covid, I considered making a career change but was uncertain how to do this. Working with Peter gave me a clearer picture of my options. He helped me to articulate goals and figure out steps to reach them. He was adept at asking just the right questions to get me to reflect more deeply on my strengths, then guided me towards using them for other endeavors. Peter immediately put me at ease with his professional and amiable manner

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