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are the keys to sustainable success.

I can help you re-think and redesign the role that learning plays in your business strategy.  


In a world economy in which change is the norm, the people and organizations that do best will be those that keep at least one step ahead of new developments. One thing above all makes it possible to embrace change at the pace the market demands:  the ability to learn.  


How is your organization addressing these crucial needs? 

  • Are your employees developing leadership skills, including self-awareness and EQ? Are your teams working optimally together? 

  • Are your people processes built on clear values that support organizational growth? 

  • Is your senior team leading the organization’s people development, aligning people strategy with business strategy

  • Is your organization ready to adapt to a rapidly changing future?


I can help your organization develop strategic, useful, and innovative learning solutions to people-based business problems so that you can keep ahead of the changes you face.  


I have designed, built, and led programs, teams, and departments that help organizations learn and grow. I have worked at both large and small organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit, in the U.S. and Asia. I also have extensive teaching experience at all tertiary levels, from college to executive M.B.A. programs.


How can we work together to make your organization and your employees more successful?


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AGODA.COM is the Asia-based subsidiary of the Priceline-Booking Holdings Group, the world’s largest online travel platform.


I built the People and Organization Development department, including such functions as Learning and Leadership Development, Compensation and Benefits, HR Business Partners, and Talent Acquisition, and led the acquisition of Workday, the company’s first HR information system. 


I also initiated the company’s Public Affairs program, interacting with governments and other stakeholders in Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Thailand

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