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are probably your organization’s largest expense, and are probably also your largest source of risk and reward.

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I can help you make sure your people strategy fully supports your organization’s success.

  • Strategy and Structure

    • Do you have a clear vision for the future and a clearly defined purpose that all employees understand and share?

    • Does your organization and leadership team structure promote cooperation and help everyone work effectively together?

    • Is your Human Resources function outdated, focusing mostly on operational functions like payroll but not supporting the needs of senior leaders?

  • Talent and Teams

    •  Do you have the right leaders in place for your present and future needs?

    • Is your senior team working well together?

    • Are you hiring and developing the right talent? Are you retaining the people you need the most?

    • Are you preparing your organization for the future by assessing skills and gaps, developing people, and planning for succession?

    • Is your organization benefiting from inclusion, diversity, and equity?

  • Culture and Reward

    • Is your culture supporting your goals - or working against them?

    • Have you designed your compensation and benefits strategy in a way that supports your culture and motivates employees to contribute fully to organizational success?

    • Is your organization hindered by cultural conflicts caused by multinational structures or different backgrounds?

All too often, executives focus on external and financial goals and neglect their organizations and people. The result is that their leadership teams and even whole departments don’t work well together, creating conflicts that impede effectiveness, waste time and money, and cause frustration.


I can help you look at, build, improve, and redesign these critical aspects of your organization. I have served as the head of people, talent, and learning and development and consulted to fast-growing and steady-state organizations in technology, financial services, online travel, health care, and other industries. I’ve advised numerous chief executives and other senior leaders.


I can help you find the interpersonal and structural misalignments that make it hard for you and your teams to work together to make your organization stronger, more efficient, and more effective. I can also help your organization develop strategic, useful, and innovative learning solutions to people-based business problems so that you can keep ahead of the changes you face every day.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to make your organization and your employees more successful.


APL Group

APL Group is a private investment firm that focuses on real estate, renewable energy, and related areas in Asia, the U.S., and Europe. Aegis Ventures, APL’s sister company, is a venture studio focusing on healthcare technology.

As chief people officer at APL and head of learning and leadership development at Aegis Ventures on the APL side, I have professionalized the People function, upgrading goal-setting, performance management, compensation, and benefits. I have introduced leadership development and executive coaching, brought in the company’s first HR information system and learning management system, and worked with the CEO, board chair, and COO on organization development.

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