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Modern Structure


The Struggle for Control 

  • Half- or full-semester course in public affairs

  • I taught this course at Yale-NUS College, based on my academic research and my experience working at McKinsey, Google, and other multinational companies

  • Topic: Nations and multinational companies are often in conflict over economic power, law, tax, and other topics. Starting with a brief historical overview that includes political structures such as empires, the rise of nationalism, and early corporations such as the Dutch East India Company, this course explores the tensions between national governments and multinationals, up to and including  contemporary Internet companies, including McKinsey, Google, and Airbnb.

  • Sub-topics include the rise of nationalism and the rise of the corporation; tax; the sharing economy; human rights, and the stakeholder vs. shareholder debate.

  • Readings include business theory, history, scholarly and media articles

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