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Modern Structure

LEADING THROUGH PEOPLE: The Human-Centered Organization

  • Full-semester course covering major areas of HR from the perspective of CEOs and senior management

  • Based on research project/curriculum I am building with Robert Rosenstein, co-founder and chairman of, the Asia-based subsidiary of the Priceline-Booking Holdings Group, the world’s largest online travel platform

  • Core issue: People are at the center of every organization, yet they are often far from the center of the agenda of the CEO, senior management, and boards of directors. This neglect is a mistake for many reasons - especially because financial performance is backward-looking, while people dynamics (hiring, retention, engagement levels, performance, etc.) are leading indicators of a company’s health. Leaders and managers (not the HR function) need to take primary responsibility for developing and managing the organization, focusing on people data, culture, and motivation as intently as they do on performance and financial data.

  • Topics include culture, motivation, recruitment, assessment, learning and growing, diversity and innovation, compensation, the role of the HR function. Course material includes readings, case examples, and participants’ own experience.

  • Readings include scholarly articles and book extracts, cases, media.

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